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Monday, May 14, 2018

What To Do Before Selling Your Outer Banks House

We asked Mike Bishal an Outer Banks real estate consultant for a few thoughts that Outer Banks beach homeowners should consider before thinking about selling their home on the Outer Banks. We caught up with Mike at one of his Open Houses and took a few minutes to get his thoughts.

What Renovations Could Make Sense For An Outer Banks Home Owner?

As you'll see I spend some time in the bathroom of the house and, this is on purpose. So when you get ready to sell your house, sometimes it's better to make some initial investments in your real's a good idea to consider remodeling a room, a key room, perhaps a master bath in this case. I have a client here that redid this bathroom, had it remodeled it, it's beautiful and it's definitely gonna help their marketing effort.

What should someone do before they call an Outer Banks real estate professional?
You would take your time, look at your property, and really take an objective look. Some things are so obvious that they get overlooked. See what things need to be taken care of before you plan on listing. Though it is often mentioned curb appeal goes a long-way especially in the spring. Clearing out any old growth, and sprucing up the property can go a long-way when your home is being shown.

What Methods Do You Find Best For Marketing Homes on the Outer Banks?
Videos we use today, 90% of homes that are sold today are initiated through an Internet search. It's incredible. So we can use that powerful medium and come up with these videos. I try to attract a lot of buyers so I can connect them with your property. Additionally, I shoot video tour of your property. It isn't just a standard type cam type thing.

I walk and talk with my camera like a have a buyer right next to my shoulder and I'm showing him the property. I think you'll be impressed by it. (Check out Mike's - Outer Banks Youtube videos)

What Should Someone Expect to Pay When Working With Red Sky
Look, I don't like to cut my commission. Any good business operator, that will use the service that they bring to a client. I do that, don't get me wrong. What I want you to know is I know people and I know they all want a deal. If I work with you a little bit, I think you will feel great about working with me. So when we get together and discuss the topic of commission, I'll show you how I can structure that and save you some money.

How Can Someone Learn More About Working With You?
Fill out the contact form on the website or call me. I'm here for you. Maybe you have a visit plan, let's get together at your Outer Banks town and talk about what needs to be done, and then let's talk about getting it on the market. Thank you for visiting my site today. I look forward to speaking with you.

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Wednesday, July 12, 2017

What's your 1st stop upon arriving on the Outer Banks?

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Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Friday, September 2, 2016

Helping You Find The Right Beach House For Sale on the Outer Banks

Hi, I'm Mike Bishal an Outer Banks Real Estate Consultant. If you're interested in learning more about buying real estate on the Outer Banks or selling your home for cash quickly, you may want to check out our site where you can search all the available Outer Banks beach houses for sale.

Did you know right now, while you're watching and listening to me, an agent from our firm is standing by ready to help you? 

Just text or call me and we'll get engaged with you, ask you a couple of questions.  Learn more about how we can best help you find a house on the Outer Banks...

Look, we realize a lot of people know what they want. So instead of going through all the searches and all that time to spend to examine the area, resource us, a local pro, and we'll do that work for you.

From there we'll send links, make our suggestions, get you out here to look of some of these homes, and get you to where you want to be. Thanks again for visiting us and realize we are on standby right now.

If you've vacationed on the Outer Banks and are considering becoming a homeowner, you may appreciate my video: Going from Vacationer to Home Owner on the Outer Banks

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Some Great Things to Do on the Outer Banks While Touring North Carolina

The TravelWeek Canada blog has a list of; Twelve Things to do in North Carolina and particularly a few things that everyone should consider to do during their Outer Banks vacation.

Tour Coastal Wineries and Vineyards

The vibrant wine scene in North Carolina is perfectly suited to a road trip of several days. The outer banks are home to the Scuppernong River region, home of the scuppernong muscadine grape and the delightfully fruity wines it produces. Wineries with tours, gift shops and restaurants exist up and down the coast.

Have a Blast on the Water

Over 300 miles of warm waters and blue skies make up the North Carolina coastline, making watersports one of the premier activities for vacationers in the state. Scuba divers are attracted by the shipwrecks that litter the coast, “the graveyard of the Atlantic;” stand-up paddleboarding and kayaking are popular ways to explore, and kiteboarding is a great way to catch some air.

Visit Coastal Lighthouses

For a more laid back trip, and a chance to truly soak in the beauty of North Carolina’s shores, a road trip to view the lighthouses of the state offers travellers the chance to see some of the most spectacular views of the Atlantic Ocean they will ever see. The Roanoke River Lighthouse is the last of its kind in the world, and “Old Baldy” in the Brunswick Islands served for over 141 years.

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Waterfront Home in Colington Harbour for Sale

This waterfront 4 bedroom home at 239 Outrigger Dr. in Colington Harbor sits on 2 wonderfully landscaped lots. The bulkhead and boardwalk along the canal is spectacular and it's also that this portion of the canal is among the widest in all of Colington Harbour.

The home also offers a large, landscaped front and backyard along with a private dock. This home is being sold by family members and has only had one owner. It has a 2 car Garage and if you are a hobbyist or like to tinker with tools the ground floor space is mostly comprised of a Heated and Cooled workshop. There is a Den and BR adjacent to this so it suits itself well for visitors or for a private setting a family member may want.

The upstairs/main house is charming! The open concept floor plan has a classic wood stove for those chilly OBX winter evenings, dining space and it opens to the kitchen to the side. This room allows access to a covered porch to enjoy the fantastic views of the canal and beautiful yard.

The master bedroom is large with a walk in closet, a beautiful view of the water and a full bath en suite. I have to mention storage....we never have enough, do we? The attic space runs the full length of the home and is easily accessed by a drop down stair from the main hallway.

Also, there are closets galore in the works shop area as well as another overhead storage area in the attic space in the garage!

 Learn more about: 239 Outrigger Drive in Colington Harbour 

 Home is being offered for sale by: Mike Bishal of Red Sky Realty Group,
Outer Banks Real Estate Referrals

Friday, August 12, 2016

Surfing for Autism Outer Banks 2016

Don't forget this weekend is one of the best events on the Outer Banks, as it's the annual Surfing for Autism weekend at Jennette's Pier.

More information can be found on the event on their website or Facebook page.