Planning An Outer Banks Vacation: A Dog's Look at Vacationing on the Outer Banks

Sunday, July 31, 2016

A Dog's Look at Vacationing on the Outer Banks

Hey! Let us take a minute to introduce ourselves. We are Wilson and Lou. We live here on North Carolina's beautiful Outer Banks. Some folks like to call it the OBX. Seems strange to Lou and I but then again we're dogs. Below you will find all the information we have found living here on the Outer Banks. You'll find links to our favorite Outer Banks veterinarians and animal hospitals. Though we hope you never need them! Like the Boy Scout's...we believe in "Semper Paratus."

So it's better to be prepared. Life on the Outer Banks is great for us as long as our guardians are prepared for us. So you will find all of the necessary pet related information on what to have and what to be prepared for when you head down here to see us. We both would like to say that if you're heading here for vacation, you are already a paw in the right direction.
It's doesn't get better than running on the Outer Banks beaches .

Let us start out by saying everything here is relaxed. So once you cross that bridge... "Chill Out." We don't need to always be looking out for some stressed out person whose car is so full of stuff, they can't see us barreling through our neighborhoods and down the beach. You're on made it here, take a sip of water and chill. The beach isn't going anywhere. You are on the Outer doesn't get any better.

You just got here and realized that you forgot some things. Well, it's no problem. There are some great folks who run the pet stores on the Outer Banks.

If you're headed to the beach, make sure your folks check out the leash laws in each town. No use you or them getting in trouble. Laws do vary widely town to town so it is important to check. Lou and I enjoy spending most of our time at the National Seashore. Every time we're heading down to the beach, Lou always likes to point out the Bodie Island Lighthouse. Lou is a big fan of the lighthouses. Finally, we pull off road and get ready to head down the beach. The Oregon Inlet is a great place for those like us that can get a ride down the beach.

Some tips when your heading to the beach. Always remember plenty of water!!!

 It gets really hot out on the beach in the summer and we don't process heat as well as you 2-legged people. Must be nice not having fur in the summer!

Along with plenty of water, it's also nice to have some ice to keep that water cool and refreshing. Remember the surface temperature of the sand can be much hotter than the air temperature and could burn our paws.

The leash laws, YUCK!, vary from town to town so make sure your guardian follows them. We don't want you getting into trouble.

Lastly, remember to have a good time and to clean up our poo and your trash from the beach before you leave. Lou and I don't need to pick up your trash in the winter. Hope your vacation is great and we'll see you on the beach!

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