Planning An Outer Banks Vacation: Best OBX Beach Umbrella: Sport-Brella vs Neso Tents

Monday, August 8, 2016

Best OBX Beach Umbrella: Sport-Brella vs Neso Tents

We're trying to decide what's the best umbrella to use on your Outer Banks Vacation, and we need your help. Let us know which umbrella you think is best for standing up to the winds on the Outer Banks.

Someone recently mentioned that they preferred using a Neso Tents over a Sport-Brella while they were vacationing on the Outer Banks. We have been using a Sport-Brella for the last several years, and have never had a complaint.

We are probably going to have to replace our beach umbrella after the Summer and are now torn, should we give the Neso Tent a try or stick with the Sport-Brella?

Would love to hear from anyone who has used one of the other, which was better?

Neso Tents - Outer Banks


what's a good umbrella to use - sport-brella

A question on the Vacation OBX Facebook page asked:

Had pretty good success with one of these (Sport-Brella) umbrellas last year...What's your suggestion for a good OBX umbrella?

Most of the comments supported buying a Sport-Brella and some even provided some good tips for how to make sure your umbrella doesn't blow away:

  • I have one of these for the beach. Love it! just make sure you anchor it if it's windy. Perfect thing for a day at the beach! We love this umbrella for the beach! 
  • Many a nap has been taken under it. We put sand around the bottom to help anchor it down. 
  • We anchor ours with tote bags filled with sand. Works great. 
  • We switched to these a few years back, works great and doesn't blow away. 
  • Love ours. Highly recommended. Just don't store the pointed extension pole inside the main pole. Just a little bit of sand made it virtually impossible to get back out. We keep them separate now and just throw it in the bag with the umbrella. 
  • My husband and I have one and we love ours. However, we suggest using the corkscrew stakes (used for dogs) as the stakes. The stakes that come with it are not strong enough for the sand. With 4 of those, it works perfectly. Especially on windy days at the beach. 
  •  We have this same one and love it! It will not blow away! 
  • We've been using a nice high end Tommy Bahama umbrella, the one that you just pound into the sand with the upper part. It's a nice umbrella, but the clamp started to slip and lose its grip on the bottom pole. I wrote Tommy Bahama and asked if they offered a replacement piece to fix it, since it started going the first summer. They replied that they didn't make it, just had their name put on it. I wrote the manufacturer, no luck there either. So, yeah, I'd say go with that Sport-Brella there.

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  1. Look up beachBUB. It is by far the best beach umbrella on the market.